Better Presentations More Sales Podcast

Become a masterful speaker with William Buist

March 27, 2023 Trevor Lee Season 1 Episode 258
Better Presentations More Sales Podcast
Become a masterful speaker with William Buist
Show Notes

Become a masterful speaker 

What difference would it make to your career if you became a masterful speaker? 

In this episode of the Better Presentations More Sales podcast business mentor, author and speaker William Buist shares some top tips and advice to help listeners on a journey to become a masterful speaker

William shares five top tips to becoming a better speaker:

  1. Set your goal to become a masterful speaker – which will mean taking lots of opportunities to deliver and practice
  2. Be honest about everything you share – otherwise you risk losing credibility
  3. Listen to your audience – speaking is not all about talking
  4. Know everything about your product but just in case be ready to admit you don’t know something
  5. Be curious – it’s a great way to learn and get better

William’s top tip for all speakers and presenters is to slow down when you are speaking and take a pause to help that happen

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William also referred to the Professional Speaking Association

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