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TIKTOK SHOP 101: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Business Owners

August 02, 2023 Danielle Holleran | Entrepreneur, Small Business Mentor Episode 132
The Detailed Diary Podcast
TIKTOK SHOP 101: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Business Owners
Show Notes

As the landscape of social media evolves, it can feel like a whirlwind of new trends and features that keep you on your toes. Just as you're starting to get comfortable with one feature or trend, a new one bursts onto the scene. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder, "How can I possibly keep up?” But don't stress! In today's episode, we'll be covering one of the latest features on TikTok specifically designed for small business owners like you: TikTok Shop.

I’ll be sharing my personal experiences using this feature, and breaking down everything from how to get your product listings looking tip-top on the app, to dealing with bumps in the road like handling return policy concerns and dealing with the app’s seller support. My aim is for you to come away from this episode feeling not just confident, but excited and ready to launch and capitalize on your very own TikTok Shop!

So whether you're a small business owner looking to expand your customer base, or you’re eager to tap into a new market, this episode is for you!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Catching up on latest business updates (Patreon, AEON laser projects, etc.)
  • Big family vacation plans - and baby Carter’s first international trip!
  • A secret weapon for managing Instagram DMs
  • The breakdown of TikTok Shop and how it can be its own powerhouse platform for your biz
  • My tips on the best way to list your products to your TikTok Shop
  • Nailing the ins and outs of processing and shipping orders
  • Figuring out the real costs and promotions of TikTok Shop
  • The best way to market your products
  • Handling the return policy issues with confidence

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