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Podcast - Ep. 45 - Analie Shepherd Podcast - Survivor of Abuse in Therapy and Life with DID
August 12, 2017 Matthew Pappas
In this episode, I talk with Analie Shepherd, author of Mending the Shattered Mirror: a Story of Recovery from Abuse in Therapy. We talk about her life as a survivor of abuse in therapy, living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and her book. It's a show you don't want to miss, and be sure to head over to for more information on Analie. So grab those headphones or plug us in to your car and join us for a time of sharing, validation, and healing. Don't forget to head over to to find out more about her advocacy work, the podcast, and her book. Be sure and stay tuned to for weekly blog posts, more podcasts, and my future coaching work!
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