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Podcast - Ep. 20 - Living with Hypervigilance - Mental Health Podcast
January 25, 2017 Matthew Pappas
Hypervigilance, it's something that many survivors of abuse live with on a daily basis. While not a diagnosis all on it's own, it often is associated with PTSD and Anxiety Disorders. This hyper awareness, as I like to call it, is a constant state of high alert. Being on the lookout for any potential threat, either perceived or realistic. It's an exhausting way to live and unfortunately it's all too common. In this podcast I talk about what it's like to live with Hypervigilance, and offer ways that I help cope that might just help you as well if you suffer with this constant state of ultra awareness. I hope this episode resonates with you, and if you would be so kind as to share it with someone who might need it too, that would be amazing. We are all survivors together, navigating this healing journey. Be sure and check out - and follow me on social media. Twitter: @SurvivingMypast
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