Beyond Your Past

Podcast - Ep. 87 - Mental Health Advocacy from Personal Experience, with Charlotte Underwood

September 10, 2018
Beyond Your Past
Podcast - Ep. 87 - Mental Health Advocacy from Personal Experience, with Charlotte Underwood
Beyond Your Past
Podcast - Ep. 87 - Mental Health Advocacy from Personal Experience, with Charlotte Underwood
Sep 10, 2018
Matthew Pappas, CLC, CPNLP
Charlotte Underwood, talks about her mental health advocacy work, her experience in the areas of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide prevention & awareness, in her blogging, poetry, and books.
Show Notes
Living life day in and day out, as someone who has experienced extreme hardship in areas such as loss, childhood trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and more, is hard enough as it is, but to speak about it publicly as you continue to face your past each day can be even more difficult. After all this is something that we'd probably rather push down into a dark corner of our mind, and never think about again.

It's often a source that still has open wounds which are decades old, some of which still feel as fresh as the day they happened. Others, well the scars are there to remind us of what we experienced. Either way, those things that we'd rather forget, can be a source of motivation and encouragement, both for us and for those whom we influence each day, knowingly or otherwise.

Charlotte Underwood is an advocate, author, and freelance writer who's dedicated her life to talking about areas of personal struggle in hopes of helping others and instituting the change that she feels is so desperately needed. Her content includes topics including: Anxiety & Depression, Self-Harm, Suicide Loss and Suicidal Ideations, Eating Disorders, Bullying, and more. Bringing her on as my guest for this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast, is something I have been looking forward ever since I came across her profile on Instagram and began following her work.

As she outlines on her website, :  I’m Charlotte Underwood, a young 22-year-old from Norfolk, UK. I am a growing mental health advocate and like to use writing to inform and support. On this blog you can keep up to date with my written work, both self published and through other means. I post a lot about mental health, depression, anxiety and suicide. I want to raise awareness as well as end the stigma.

I have been writing professionally for a year now but don’t let that put you off, for though it seems like I have little experience, that is not that case. I have written two E-Books and run my own growing and successful blog, soon I even hope to break my poetry out into the world! I have written over 100 Guest posts, ...and have worked for The Metro, TalkSpace, Young Minds and The Content Wolf.

My content is focused on mental health and lifestyle, you can expect candid and thought-provoking content from me.

During my chat with Charlotte, you'll learn:

When she first felt like something was wrong in her life.
What it's been like for her living with a mental illness
How her recovery continues to progress
Ways that she manages daily life with her mental illness
What being an advocate means to her, and why sharing from personal experience is so important.
Seeking out mental health assistance in the U.K.; including her personal challenges and ways that she's working to help change that process.

Charlotte speaks very candidly, with a perspective that is well beyond her age. Indeed, she's lived through some tremendous adversity, including losing her father to suicide and surviving her own attempt. Her honesty and drive to help others and bring about awareness and inspire change, is inspiring.

There's much more I could share about my chat with Charlotte Underwood, but rather than me writing about it, how about I just turn it over to my podcast with Charlotte, and let you find out for yourself :).

Please consider following Charlotte on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where she is very active on a daily basis. Her blog is a great follow as well, and her two eBooks are available for download on her website.

Thanks again Charlotte for joining on the podcast, I'm honored to know you and to help share your message!

-Matthew Pappas, CLC, CPNLP

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