The Picture of Wealth

How To Increase Your Success As A Coach With Marc Mawhinney, The Coach Of Coaches.

March 13, 2023 Dustin Serviss Episode 100
The Picture of Wealth
How To Increase Your Success As A Coach With Marc Mawhinney, The Coach Of Coaches.
Show Notes

In this episode, Dustin sits down with Marc Mawhinney, the “Coach of Coaches”. Marc is the host of the podcast Natural Born Coaches, which he started in 2014, and the entrepreneur coach behind the Facebook group The Coaching Jungle. Marc helps coaches of all different niches grow stronger businesses and get more clients. Dustin and Marc chat about Marc’s personal journey within coaching from transitioning into the scene to digital marketing and business models. Marc shares some of his philosophies towards business and gives advice applicable to both future and current coaches. 

3 POWs of this episode:

  • Don’t be afraid to put a dollar amount on your value. 
  • Perseverance, hard work, and an independent mindset are essential to overcoming the concept of “failure”.
  • A good business model and succinct marketing strategies and key to success.


0:39 - Dustin introduces Mark.
3:50 - Mark explains his transition from real estate into coaching.
6:10 - The benefits of having a coach in your life. 
8:47 - The importance of niching down. 
9:50 - Marc’s three pillars of marketing. 
11:00 - Benefits of daily emails.
17:54 - Marc’s business model breakdown.
19:40 - Pros and cons of personality based business. 
21:30 - “Pro-capitalism isn’t a dirty word”. 
28:45 - Is university the only path to success?
29:56 - Advice to 25 year olds.
32:00 - Marc gives a personal example of turning your negative into a positive in order to succeed.
34:30 - Marc’s must read book recommendation for coaches.
36:35 -  What Marc the most excited about in the coaching market right now. 

Resource list:

Thick Face Black Heart - Chin-Ning Chu
Think and Grow Rich! - Napoleon Hill
How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie
The Art of War - Sun Tzu
The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Green

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