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Has It Really Been 40 Years? A Conversation with Leslee Yoder

February 27, 2023 William Lee Mooney and Steve Zinner Episode 103
The Mainstreet Podcast
Has It Really Been 40 Years? A Conversation with Leslee Yoder
Show Notes

Former Baltimore Colt cheerleader Leslee Yoder stops by Mainstreet to chat about her years cheering on our once-beloved hometown team.  It's hard to believe that nearly 40 years have passed since the Mayflower moving vans whisked away the team to Indianapolis on that fateful night in March 1984. 

Now the Head Cheer Coach at York Suburban High School, this York, Pa. native and former dance and gymnastics instructor is also one of the co-founders of the Baltimore Colts Cheerleaders Alumni Association.  If you're a former Colt cheerleader or know someone who is, please email her at
Some Marylanders old enough to remember that  night  in 1983 will never forgive the Irsay family.  Even though most of us have long since moved on and embraced the Ravens,  we continue to cherish  our Baltimore Colts, and the cheerleaders were a huge part of the pageantry that played out on every gameday at Memorial Stadium.  So many good memories remain and we are honored that Leslee has chosen to share them on Mainstreet.

Note: During our conversation, Leslee mentions a country club in Ruxton, Md. and asks us for help to correctly pronounce its name.  No help was forthcoming at that moment, but the country club to which Leslee referred is:

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