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The Power of Ideas: A Conversation with Serial Entrepreneur Larry Dukes

June 12, 2023 William Lee Mooney and Steve Zinner Episode 112
The Mainstreet Podcast
The Power of Ideas: A Conversation with Serial Entrepreneur Larry Dukes
Show Notes

Growing up in East Baltimore, Monkton resident Larry Dukes wanted nothing more than to be a professional athlete or sports play-by-play broadcaster.  Seeing violent collisions from field level during a stint as an intern for the Baltimore Colts made him reconsider his career aspirations. A brains over brawn mentality prevailed. .  Before computer science was even an established concentration, Larry found himself at the forefront of predictive analytics.  He soon found himself working for Baltimore Blue Cross Blue Shield and, later, traveling the world for Westinghouse as a systems engineer.  What sets Larry apart is his ability to use his expertise and experience to start his own companies. Presented with a great idea and sound business plan, he also has a knack for knowing when to invest in the expertise of others.  Great ideas still excite him. No wonder his wife says he's never met a deal he didn't like. Personal success aside, among Larry’s most satisfying endeavors for the past 20 years has been his active involvement at John Carroll High School, in Bel Air. 

With Larry Grant, Larry also co-authored Lifting The Rocks, Finding the Gold: Mastering the Six Imperatives of World Class Receivables Management. 

No longer pursing professional sports as a career, Larry and his family enjoy their horse farm in Monkton and he's even found time to pursue of play-by-play dreams by broadcasting local sports.
This is Larry Duke's story and we're pleased to share it on Mainstreet. 

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