The Mainstreet Podcast

A Moving Conversation with John Von Paris

July 31, 2023 William Lee Mooney and Steve Zinner Episode 115
The Mainstreet Podcast
A Moving Conversation with John Von Paris
Show Notes

You know the name, have heard the ads, and have seen the trucks. Now learn the story behind Von Paris Moving and Storage, one of Maryland's oldest and most successful companies. President and CEO John Von Paris stops by Mainstreet to share the history behind the family name and the company his great-grandfather founded in the late 1800s.  John also brings us up to date on how the moving and storage industries have evolved over the years, and if you plan on moving any time soon, you'll benefit from John's tips on how to make moving less stressful and more efficient.  

We like to reminisce on Mainstreet and John shares memories of growing up on the Von Paris family farm near Kingsville, volunteering for the Kingsvile Fire Company, and how the local community came to his family's aid after a devastating fire destroyed the historical Von Paris farmhouse in 2020.  This is the Von Paris story and we're happy to share it on Mainstreet. 

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