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Damn the Valley: A Conversation with Will Yeske

September 25, 2023 William Lee Mooney and Steve Zinner Episode 117
The Mainstreet Podcast
Damn the Valley: A Conversation with Will Yeske
Show Notes

"DAMN THE VALLEY" was a phrase regulary uttered by the men that spent any amount of tme in the Arghandab River Valley during the deployment of 2 Fury to Afghanistan in 2009-2010."

The above blurb comes from a press release for a new book, "Damn the Valley," by first-time author Will Yeske, an 11-year combat veteran who participated in the mission that received little attention from the media and remains largely unacknowledged by the US Government. Already receiving advanced praise from, among others, General David Patraeus, "Damn the Valley" will be available on October 31st. 

Connecticut-born, Will now lives in Bel Air with his wife, an Air Force veteran and native of Harford County.  In search of a more stable life for this young famiy, Will decided to leave the military in 2018 and now runs No Limits Marketing Group (NLMG) and is finishing up a degree at Columbia University. 

A self-professed "non-writer," Will's motivation for writing "Damn the Valley" was his desire to tell the authenic stories of the men with whom he served on a mission that suffered a 52% casualty rate. 

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