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Conversations with SaaS founders + investors. Hosted by Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner and Founder of Bloom Venture Partners. At Bloom Venture Partners we buy, build + invest in SaaS. Tune in as we chat with the best founders, executives, investors, and leaders in SaaS. Learn more at

Recent Episodes

Shruti Gandhi (Managing Partner, Array VC) :: Lessons from VC a Decade in the Game | the full bloom 1.18April 22, 2021 Episode artwork Carlos Cashman (Co-founder, Thrasio) :: Building a profitable unicorn, inside the playbook of Thrasio | the full bloom 1.17April 13, 2021 Episode artwork Lloyed Lobo (Co-founder, :: lessons learned as a founder and community builder | the full bloom 1.16April 07, 2021 Episode artwork Joe Floyd (General Partner, Emergence Capital) :: making high-conviction bets on early stage startups in 2021 | the full bloom 1.15March 30, 2021 Episode artwork Peter Rojas (Partner, Betaworks Ventures) :: the un-spoken challenges of early stage investing | the full bloom 1.14March 24, 2021 Episode artwork Ian L. Paterson (CEO, Plurilock) :: taking a company public is easier than you think | the full bloom 1.13March 17, 2021 Episode artwork Jeff Richards (Managing Partner, GGV Capital) :: playing the long game - the future of tech and capital | the full bloom 1.12March 10, 2021 Episode artwork [Special Ep.] Viostream :: the story behind Bloom Venture Partner's latest acquisition | the full bloom 1.11March 07, 2021 Episode artwork Howard Lindzon (GP, Social Leverage) :: the new era of social leverage | the full bloom 1.10March 03, 2021 Episode artwork Adii Pienaar :: the new measure of entrepreneurial success | the full bloom 1.9February 24, 2021 Episode artwork Jason Calacanis (LAUNCH, Founder) :: thoughts from the world's greatest angel investor | the full bloom 1.8February 11, 2021 Episode artwork Rob Koyfman (Koyfin, CEO) :: how retail traders are using data and insights to defy Wall Street | the full bloom 1.7February 05, 2021 Episode artwork Michael Frew :: "The Acquisition Entrepreneur" on buying and building online businesses | the full bloom 1.6January 29, 2021 Episode artwork Matt Allen (Tractor Ventures, CEO) :: you probably don't need to raise venture capital | the full bloom 1.5January 21, 2021 Episode artwork KP (@thisiskp_) :: the future of startups is building in public | the full bloom 1.4 January 15, 2021 Episode artwork Chris Herd (Firstbase, CEO) :: What does the shift to remote work mean for SaaS founders? | the full bloom 1.3January 06, 2021 Episode artwork Justin Mitchell (YAC, CEO) :: how early-stage startups are using branding and audience building as defensibility | the full bloom 1.2January 05, 2021 Episode artwork Andrew Gazdecki (MicroAquire, Founder) :: the liquidity market for small cap startups is changing | the full bloom 1.1January 02, 2021 Episode artwork