Thus Spake Babaji

What is Consciousness? | Thus Spake Babaji, online Q&A #73

April 10, 2022 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 73
Thus Spake Babaji
What is Consciousness? | Thus Spake Babaji, online Q&A #73
Show Notes

"If you practice the cleansing of the mind and achieve total silence, you settle back into the real Self that is pure consciousness, then you realise that it is the same consciousness everywhere."  

Babaji explains the truth about consciousness in this online Q&A.

Thus Spake Babaji #73, recorded on 4 December 2021, with worldwide participants.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Is consciousness all pervading and do all forms of life have consciousness?
1:03 Why is there conflict between different parts of the same one consciousness?
2:56 Is it that the brain's reflections misguide the consciousness to misidentify itself?
4:19 What is the connection between the brain reflecting and the mind imagining?
7:15 When you achieve a silent mind in meditation, is that the consciousness of existence?
9:04 Once we achieve silence in the mind, why can we not sustain it permanently?
12:51 In meditation, when our attention is between the eyebrows, is this what allows us to see the consciousness of existence?
15:32 Does the identification of the 'I' remain until towards the end of tapas?
16:50 Towards the end of tapas as the mind becomes more and more powerful, can the ego also become more powerful?
19:23 Supreme consciousness and supreme energy - are they one and the same?
21:36 What is prana?
27:22 What is Mahasamadhi?
29:32 How does someone with God consciousness see the world?
33:09 Is there an intelligent consciousness allowing the creation to unfold with a purpose?
36:44 Did my consciousness create different people and will they disappear if I stop thinking about them completely?
42:17 What does Nirvikalpa mean?
44:21 In some stories Realised sages get into arguments and curse each other, how can Realised masters curse each other?