Thus Spake Babaji

How to deepen meditation | Thus Spake Babaji #77

May 07, 2022 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 77
Thus Spake Babaji
How to deepen meditation | Thus Spake Babaji #77
Show Notes

Babaji explains how to deepen your meditation practice.

Thus Spake Babaji, online Q&A #77, recorded on 8 January 2022 with worldwide participants.

0:06 I meditate everyday but don't feel like I am progressing, am I doing something wrong?
5:24 As a young boy did Babaji's mind naturally go quiet in meditation?
7:01 When the mind is too busy to go into meditation is it ok to chant or listen to spiritual music until the mind calms down?
8:16 Should a fear of nothingness and non-existence in meditation happen?
11:08 Does watching exciting or violent films make meditation difficult?
13:21 Should we share our experiences in meditation with others?
14:52 Is there a reason why meditating in a group is better?
15:34 Are certain days more auspicious for meditation?
17:26 Is it better to concentrate on improving our meditation technique or extending the time in meditation?
18:49 Why do we concentrate on the brow chakra?  Is there a stage when we move to the crown chakra?
22:14 When meditation deepens, should attention between eyebrows fade into awareness?
23:43 How was the nature of the mind revealed to Babaji in deep meditation?
27:45 What are the signposts that we can recognise as we go deeper in meditation?
28:56 What is the difference between the tendencies in the brain and imprints in the mind?
35:52 Is there an electricity or a vibration to thoughts?
37:16 what is the difference between impressions and tendencies?

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