Thus Spake Babaji

Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.27

May 01, 2021 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 27
Thus Spake Babaji
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.27
Show Notes

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Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.27
A live online Q and A session, recorded on 6 March 2021, with worldwide participants.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following:

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
1:25 Can a person striving for material success practice daily meditation?
2:17 How to get rid of negative thoughts in meditation and daily life?
3:53 How to deal with anxious thoughts in meditation
6:40 How to ignore habits that take us away from positive intentions.
8:11 The illusion that thoughts are there that you can't perceive
9:16 The meaning of vairagya
10:28 Getting so absorbed in thoughts that you don't hear anything
12:45 Mindfulness
13:23 How we accumulate karma
16:51 How to avoid making plans during meditation
18:36 Do animals and plants also have consciousness and energy?
20:19 Why is 'watching' so important in meditation?
22:25 Emotions of love and anger
25:22 How to do longer meditations
27:17 How longer meditations affect us
28:04 The Self as consciousness and energy
36:41 How to get rid of loneliness
39:50 Is faith connected to acceptance?