Thus Spake Babaji

Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.31

May 20, 2021 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 31
Thus Spake Babaji
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.31
Show Notes

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Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.31
A live online Q and A session, recorded on 21 March 2021, with US participants.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following:

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
14:34 Unwavering focus on one thing in meditation
16:28 What is focusing the attention, the mind or the awareness?
17:51 Thoughts in the background during meditation
20:02 Do all forms of meditation eventually come to the stage of 'watching'?
21:35 Consciousness and the mind
23:51 Experience of different dimension and the heart beating faster in meditation
26:31 Gayatri Mantra chanting and meditation
29:06 Planning things while in meditation
30:32 Going back to the point between the eyebrows after disturbing thoughts appear in meditation
32:27 Benefits of meditation to daily life 
34:41 Is the thoughtless state the ultimate goal?
37:52 Relationship between consciousness and mind
39:07 Excitement when reaching a quiet state
40:19 How can we help people affected by gender or race issues?
42:15 The breath and meditation
44:19 Explanation of the name Jangama in Jangama dhyana
46:02 The saying, 'Liberation isn't of the person, it is from the person'
47:10 Is liberation the state of no thoughts in the mind?
51:38 If eternal consciousness is all-pervaded, how are there different consciousness having different experiences?
54:57 Where does love fit into the six shapes of the mind?
56:05 Did creation never happen, or is consciousness and creation equally real, like fire and its power to burn?
58:22 Does our need for sleep at night diminish as we practice meditation?
1:00:17 For the majority of people this world and its sufferings are very real, how can they be liberated from it?

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