Thus Spake Babaji

Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.33

June 01, 2021 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 33
Thus Spake Babaji
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.33
Show Notes

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Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.33
A live online Q and A session, recorded on 09 May 2021, with US participants.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following:

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
3:10 What is mind and the difference between mind of a Self-Realized person and a non-Self-Realized person?
9:40 Focus, awareness and silence
13:07 Is focus initially a function of the mind?
15:34 Awareness of the Self and samadhi
18:10 Awareness with no thought, 'I' and yoga nidra
22:18 What is the energy within consciousness and where does it come from?
23:15 Is there some way to avoid yoga nidra?
24:30 Can you use blissful feelings as an anchor in meditation?
25:29 Watching and not reacting in meditation
26:16 Is there a consciousness that created our consciousness?
31:08 Quality of meditation when in Babaji's presence versus when alone
34:10 What is the role of grace in the achievement of awareness?
35:45 Can we change our thinking to create a more positive state of being
38:14 How can eternal existence be known without the tools of time and space?
39:48 What other works of Adi Shankara would Babaji recommend outside Viveka Choodamani?
41:11 Connection between art and spirituality
42:51The role of discrimination in our journey of quietening the mind
45:43 How can meditation help with conflict in the mind
46:53 Is living a monastic life in an ashram the ultimate way of living?
50:21 Are memories and emotions stored in the chakras?

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