Thus Spake Babaji

Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.41

July 30, 2021 Shiva Rudra Balayogi Season 1 Episode 41
Thus Spake Babaji
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.41
Show Notes

Thus Spake Babaji - online Q and A, No.41
A live online Q and A session, recorded on 6 June 2021, with participants from US

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In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following:

0:00 Introduction
0:06 The difference between discrimination and judgment
6:06 What are the impurities of the mind and how do you get rid of them?
7:54 Can someone be established in the Self and think also?
12:36 What role does community play on the spiritual path?
13:29 What is the difference between Jangama dhyana and Ramana Maharshi's path of enquiry?
16:18 Can you get powers when you chant mantras? 
18:13 How does one know you are progressing in meditation?
18:59 How to overcome temptations and do the right thing when we still have our health?
26:27 To relax into the Guru to be carried to safety
29:29 How do Buddha's and Ramakrishna's practices differ from Babaji's?
32:06 The two aspects of the mind, to watch or to think.
39:39 A feeling of 'just being' in meditation and in waking state
40:55 Ego out of fear of the unknown
42:41 What happens to the body and mind when we watch in between eyebrows in meditation?
46:06 What happens to the energy centres of the body in meditation?