New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas

NUTRITION CRASH COURSE: Answers to the Most Important Nutrition Topics w/ Maddie Pasquariello

January 26, 2021 Christina Kremidas Season 1 Episode 3
New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas
NUTRITION CRASH COURSE: Answers to the Most Important Nutrition Topics w/ Maddie Pasquariello
Show Notes

☆☆☆Hello and Welcome to Episode 3 of my series NEW YORK & BEYOND!!

This Episode is also available on YouTube.

In this Episode, Nutritionist Maddie Pasquariello delves into our deepest nutrition questions. She shares how every calorie is not created equal, her opinions of elimination diets, whats she puts in her smoothies, recommend protein sources, the verdict on popular processed health foods, and how what we eat effects our mood, how to keep your immune system strong…. And that’s just scratching the surface! The detail we cover here is IMMENSE and that’s why it’s the longest episode I’ve ever posted, but it was honestly so good there was no fluff to delete!

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Topics discussed in this Episode:
☆The difference between macro and micro nutrients, and the role of each in our bodies.
☆How we can keep nutrition and food as a focus while maintaining a healthy relationship with it.
☆Maddie’s opinion of elimination diets/restrictive diets and whether there is any value to trying them.
☆Every calorie is not created equal: the foods our calories come from affect how our body looks and feels. 
☆Whether we should be counting/considering the ‘calorie’ in our day-to-day.
☆Maddie’s opinion of ‘Dry January,’ sugar detoxes, and other elimination tactics to ‘make up for’ the damage that was done during the recent holiday season, and whether it is possible to ‘make up for’ prior months of consumption.
☆Maddie’s recommendations for how we can execute our New Years Resolutions and allow us to step into a lifestyle that is actually enjoyable and sustainable.
☆Our protein intake, protein needs, preferred protein sources, protein powders and supplements.
☆What foods we should be consuming to get the key vitamins and minerals that protect us and help or bodies fight illness.
☆Maddie’s go-to shortlist for a delicious and healthy smoothie.
☆How we can make our smoothies delicious without being sugar-packed.
☆Whether we should we cook our vegetables or eat them raw. 
☆Where we should turn for unbiased, reliable nutrition advice.
☆How food affects our mood.   
☆Maddie’s stance on processed health foods like chickpea pasta.


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