New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas

FREE YOUR MIND: The Power of De-Cluttering w/ Natalie Ron

February 02, 2021 Christina Kremidas Season 1 Episode 4
New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas
FREE YOUR MIND: The Power of De-Cluttering w/ Natalie Ron
Show Notes

☆☆☆Hello and Welcome to Episode 4 of my series NEW YORK & BEYOND!!

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In this Episode, Professional Organizer and Founder of Swoon Spaces Natalie Ron shares her best practices for de-cluttering, the psychological reasons why we tend to become unorganized and cluttered, and her best hacks for tidying up and gaining control of our space, our minds and our productivity.

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Topics discussed in this Episode:
☆Tips for how to keep tidy in a small apartment.     
☆ How to become neat and develop good habits if you already have messy patterns or grew up in a cluttered home.
☆ The psychological reasons why we tend to accumulate clutter or end up with a messy space.
☆ How to stop the cycle of neatening up just to have your space become messy again.
☆ Organization hacks for items that we use every day.   
☆ Organization hacks for shoes.
☆ When tot upgrade your organization/storage solutions vs throwing things away. 
☆ How to create a tidy WFH space.
☆ Organization solutions for small kitchens.


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