New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas

Grow + Monetize Your Instagram QUICKLY w/ @STYLEDBYBIBBY

March 16, 2021 Christina Kremidas Season 1 Episode 10
New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas
Grow + Monetize Your Instagram QUICKLY w/ @STYLEDBYBIBBY
Show Notes

☆Hello and Welcome to Episode 10 of my series NEW YORK & BEYOND!!

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In this Episode, Anna Bevilacqua (@styledbybibby) shares how she grew her Instagram to become a lucrative business and loyal community of over 100k people. Anna Bevilacqua provides Virtual Styling services and has also published an eBook, Instagram 101.

@styledybibby on IG
Anna's Website
Anna's eBook

Topics discussed in this Episode:
☆ How Anna was able to turn her passion into a lucrative business. 
☆ Strategies for developing a loyal following on Instagram.
☆ Why it is so important to chase your dreams. 
☆ The biggest challenges facd by a young digital entrepreneur.
☆ Advice for listeners who have a passion for something that is not their current career.
☆  Anna's top tips for growing a business on social media.


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