New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas

Yogi Wisdom for People Who Hate Yoga w/ Kayla Kleinman

May 11, 2021 Christina Kremidas Season 1 Episode 16
New York & Beyond by Christina Kremidas
Yogi Wisdom for People Who Hate Yoga w/ Kayla Kleinman
Show Notes

☆Hello and Welcome to Episode 17 of NEW YORK & BEYOND!!

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Kayla Kleinman is a self proclaimed 'uptight, intense, Type A New Yorker through and through,' who teaches Yoga 'for people who hate yoga.' Sounds interesting, right? She also runs the NYC Lifestyle Blog Kayla in the City, where she inspires you to be shamelessly and authentically yourself.  In this episode, Kayla shares how she balances teaching fitness classes with her blogging, what she does when she's feeling overwhelmed, how we can create time in our day to benefit our health, and how to manage stress while living in a chaotic busy city.

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Topics discussed in this Episode:
☆ The life-changing power of incorporating yoga into our lives.  
☆ How Kayla balances teaching fitness classes with Blogging,  how she creates time for self-care. 
☆ Challenges Kayla has faced as while building her brand and business in New York City. 
☆ Kayla's best piece of advice for how to get in touch with our authentic self.  
☆ Kayla's advice for someone who is looking to establish their own brand and grow their own business. 


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