Forward with NACCE
Empowering Lives Through Entrepreneurial Stories and Financial Wisdom, with Amanda Chin Yee
Empowering Lives Through Entrepreneurial Stories and Financial Wisdom, with Amanda Chin Yee 22:47 From Hurricane Winds to Business Wins, with Robert “Bob” DeGroot 21:42 The Entrepreneurial Superpower: Resilience, Creativity, and Wendy's Journey to Success 23:03 The Art of Entrepreneurship, with Susie deVille 25:53 Unveiling the Secrets of Social Media Success, with Student Kyle Barber 21:32 Unlocking the Power of AI in Entrepreneurship 23:11 Revolutionizing Education with Augmented Reality 22:48 Embracing AI and Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Future-Ready Education, with Ted Dintersmith 32:37 Empowering Communities Through Tech Education: The CodeBoxx Approach 23:03 How a Fox Costume Inspired an Artistic Entrepreneurial Journey 18:12 Unveiling Creativity: Insights from Hit Songwriter Michael Peterson 30:06 Empowering Change: How SolveCC Transforms Students into Social Innovators 32:10 Unleashing Earning Potential: Exploring Franchise Opportunities for Lifelong Entrepreneurship, with Steve Wright 26:56 Part Two: Celebrating the North Carolina Women Business Owners Hall of Fame, with Wendy Coulter 12:59 Part One: Unveiling the Power of Branding and Differentiation, with Wendy Coulter 23:05 Unlocking Economic Mobility: The Power of Collaboration Between Community Colleges and Employers, with Sheneui Weber 20:53 Empowering Entrepreneurs and Building Ecosystems, with Kathy Deacon 18:13 Revolutionizing Mental Health and Entrepreneurship: An Innovation Jam Story with Dr. Kim Freeze 21:07 Building Resilience through Community: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Faith, with Mical and Chris Baez 21:00 Constructing a Bright Future: Tackling Worker Shortages through Entrepreneurial Thinking, with Brian Turmail 24:55 Turning Passion into Profit: Amanda Cheney's Success with Amanda's Best Friend 20:10 Disrupting the Agricultural Industry with Voice Recognition Technology, with Matthew Rooda 24:25 Preparing Students for the Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Insights from Dr. Morna Foy, President of the Wisconsin Technical College System 25:24 How to Pursue Your Passion Without Quitting Your Day Job, with Alex DeNoble 19:07 Innovative Approaches to Higher Education: How Entrepreneurial Thinking is Revolutionizing Community Colleges, with Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy 17:40