Making Our Way Forward
Supporting Social Entrepreneurship & Mental Health: Dr. Jerry E. Edmonds & Serena Aycock
Supporting Social Entrepreneurship & Mental Health: Dr. Jerry E. Edmonds & Serena Aycock 27:33 Clarifying and Manifesting Visions: Keys to Entrepreneurship Success with Michelle Boulé, Transformational Coach 31:12 Empowering Future Success with Critical Personal Finance Skills and an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Dave Zasada, Intuit 26:44 Celebrating Entrepreneurship Globally with Ellen Erickson, Global Entrepreneurship Network 21:49 Navigating and Arming Veterans & Military Families For Success in Entrepreneurship with Misty Stutsman Fox, Syracuse University 28:03 Navigating Life and Helping Small Businesses Achieve Their Dreams with Terrell Turner, a NY Times Recognized CFO 25:24 The Power of Networking Diverse Cultures & Empowering Students with Knowledge and Skills with Darrell Tennie 28:24 Pursuing Racial Justice with Jeanelle Austin, the Lead Caretaker of the George Floyd Global Memorial 34:10 Future Building through Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and Equity with President Deborah Hoover 17:24 Katie Gailes on How Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Put You on a Path to Success 25:19 From Europe to the US: Entrepreneurship Across Borders. With Winifred A. Soribe & Timothy Barnes 31:17 Overcoming the Fear of Failure. The Story of Craig M. Chavis Jr. Burdens of A Dream. 28:26 Always Move Forward and Never Give Up! The Story of Paralympian and Educator Dr. Ãndrēa Woodson-Smith 22:18 From Rural Ohio to President of the Largest Student Leadership Program in the USA: The Story of Charles Knippen 26:24 Podcast Chat in Chattanooga: Leadership for Education 25:32 Podcast Chat in Chattanooga: Tennessee Leadership Voices 22:37 How to Empower Students with Economic Independence – Earn to Learn with Kate Hoffman 25:12 Rising from Public School to Public Office: The Story of NC Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall – First Woman Ever Elected to a Statewide Executive Office 31:10 Entrepreneurs with Physical & Other Challenges – Doing Business Our Way with Lea Strickland 37:20 Who Owns the Juicehaus? The Arrietas! 49:06 Going Global on Entrepreneurial Journey with President Stephen Spinelli Jr. 28:44 Learning from Tomorrow with ‘Big Trends Guy’ Bart W. Édes On Strategic Foresight & Reshaping Asia & the World 26:15 How To Ignite Entrepreneurship in Your Classroom with Toi Hershman, EntreEd 37:16 Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Legacy: Servant Leadership for Skilled Trades & Entrepreneurs with CEO Carlene Cassidy 28:51 Entrepreneurship for Veterans with Professor Andy Gold 21:40