Soul Yes Podcast with Alexandria Maria

Uncovering Your Dharma & Living Your Soul Purpose With Sahara Rose

September 21, 2022 Alexandria Wombwell-Povey Season 2 Episode 12
Soul Yes Podcast with Alexandria Maria
Uncovering Your Dharma & Living Your Soul Purpose With Sahara Rose
Show Notes

Today on the Soul Yes podcast we have the amazing Sahara Rose. ❤️

I am super excited to be here with you today because I have an incredibly special guest - Sahara Rose who is also one of my dear dear friends. Sahara is here to help you discover your Dharma - Don't worry if you don't know what that is. We are diving into all things Dharma in this episode. 

She is here to help you activate your fullest expression so that together we can raise the vibration of the planet. She is a three times best selling author, host of the number one spiritual podcast, higher self, she's an inspirational speaker,  and co-founder of the Dharma coaching institute., DJ and Dance enthusiast.  I have seen this girl twerk it is seriously impressive - She always gets the party started. 

She truly believes that the spiritual journey should be fun, and you can only embody your highest self when you are in true joy. Sahara truly embodies this. 

Sahara has also extended an incredible offer for those of you who are listening today. Sahara is currently enrolling for The Dharma Coaching Institute. So if you are ready to become a dharma coach, to help people discover & follow their life purpose and learn how to spread your divine wisdom & elevate the lives of others here this could be the perfect certification for you. Sahara has created such an incredible institute. She has given us a code - So if you use the code 'ALEX' at checkout you are going to get $150 off your investment. FIND OUT MORE HERE 


In this episode we discuss:

✨ What is Dharma & Finding your Dharma 

✨ Honouring your souls purpose

✨ Aligning your career with your Dharma

✨ The mind body connection

How having a niche doesn't have to be limiting

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Dharma Coaching Institute

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Love & Light,

Alexandria xx