Co-Creating Impact

A Mothers Love (Lori & Leo)

June 07, 2021 Lori & Leo Season 1
Co-Creating Impact
A Mothers Love (Lori & Leo)
Show Notes

Some of us take a mothers love for granted. Some of us grow up without a mother or with a toxic mother. Does that make us become less loving as parents?

The death of Leo's parents and life as an adopted child to 2 different families, left her with many unanswered questions. Even though she's had some good influences and God on her side, she had a strong desire to have a mothers love.

Leo is finally speaking her truth and helping others along the way. She is a service member of the Army National Guard and a loving mother to a 5-year old. She has her masters degree in school counseling and works with children with special needs.

Her brand, Leo Speaks is about her story, healing, spreading encouragement, and coping. She will do group homes, individual counseling, and group work with the youth.
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