Co-Creating Impact

Teaching with Compassion (Lori & Laura)

June 14, 2021 Lori & Laura Season 1
Co-Creating Impact
Teaching with Compassion (Lori & Laura)
Show Notes

Laura, our superhero, opens up about her life as well as sharing her tips and tricks for teaching with compassion. Even while the kids are now bouncing off the walls!

Laura comes from a very religious upbringing and felt that her teaching beginnings were a little rocky. She says that a few of the kids are what kept her there. She's been teaching for 7 years and has so much compassion with the kids. Now even more than ever, they need her with the mental health that this last year has brought upon them.

Teaching with Compassion is a skill that isn't taught, it's what our superhero teacher are born with!

What are some ways we could provoke change in our school system to better serve our students?

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