Co-Creating Impact

Gecko’s and Autism (Lori & Ian)

February 22, 2021 Lori & Ian Season 1 Episode 21
Co-Creating Impact
Gecko’s and Autism (Lori & Ian)
Show Notes

I’ve learned a lot about the connection between Gecko’s and Autism from our friend Ian today! Wow, who knew?! 

Ian’s passion for Gecko’s and other reptiles started at 12 when his mom just wanted to keep him off the rough streets of California. As his friends were learning how to hotwire cars, he was at his mentors house who was a reptile importer/breeder.

He went on to become a rare Gecko breeder and began doing local shows. Ian found that children with high functioning autism that bought a Gecko or snake from him would report back to him with the healthiest reptiles. The commonality is pattern behavior. Ian says that the kids loved breeding them and taking such great care of them. And that it gave them such a great sense of pride.

This is one of those stories about following your passion and not the dollar signs. 

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