Co-Creating Impact

Abusive to Advocate (Lori & Sean)

April 18, 2021 Multihosted Season 1 Episode 32
Co-Creating Impact
Abusive to Advocate (Lori & Sean)
Show Notes

A formerly self-proclaimed person with abusive behaviors, Sean has changed his ways and now is an advocate against abuse.

He says he was intentional and premeditative with his verbal and mental abusive. Being a bully and knowing how to not leave marks on his victims. 

Sean experienced childhood trauma, was addicted to drugs, and served his time in prison. He understands rock bottom and how to navigate through those learned behaviors now.

Self-awareness of his auto response to certain triggers, the shame, pain, and hiding who he was by speaking through it has helped him over time to become less abusive to now a strong advocate against abuse and a mentor for men. 

He credits his healing through speaking his own truth and telling his story while absorbing similar stories as well as having professionals on his podcast speak on the subject. 

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