Discover U Podcast with JD Kalmenson

Marc Brackett, PhD; How does our Emotional Intelligence affect our Mental Health?

June 29, 2023 JD Kalmenson, CEO Montare Behavioral Health Season 2 Episode 8
Discover U Podcast with JD Kalmenson
Marc Brackett, PhD; How does our Emotional Intelligence affect our Mental Health?
Show Notes

JD Kalmenson interviews Marc Brackett, PhD., to understand the territory of Emotional Intelligence. What exactly is it? What are the skills necessary to navigate difficult emotions, and how can emotions affect our thinking?

Montare Media presents Season 2, episode 8 of the Discover U Podcast: How does our Emotional Intelligence affect our Mental Health?

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Marc is the founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a professor in the child Study Center at Yale University. His research focuses on the role of emotional intelligence in learning, decision making, creativity, relationships, health, and performance.

He has published over 150 scholarly articles, received numerous awards, and is featured regularly in popular media outlets such as The New York Times, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and The Today Show. 

Marc is the lead developer of RULER, a systemic, evidence-based approach to Social Emotional Learning that has been adopted by over 3,000 schools across the US and in 27 other countries. He also consults regularly with corporations on integrating emotional intelligence principles into employee training and product design. He speaks to hundreds of thousands of people each year as a keynote speaker at over 600 conferences around the world, including The White House, U.S. Departments of Education, Justice and Defense, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, to name a few.

Marc is the author of Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help our Kids, Ourselves, and our Society to Thrive, which has been translated into 22 languages.

Host Kalmenson is the CEO/Founder of Renewal Health Group, a family of addiction treatment centers, and Montare Behavioral Health, a comprehensive brand of mental health treatment facilities in Southern California. Kalmenson is a Yale Chabad Scholar, a skilled facilitator, teacher, counselor, and speaker, who has provided chaplain services to prisons, local groups and remote villages throughout the world. His diverse experience as a rabbi, chaplain, and CEO has inspired his passion and deep understanding of the necessity for effective mental health treatment and long-term sobriety.


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