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February 13, 2022 Amanda Benson-Tilch Season 2 Episode 5
The Ask Amanda Show
Women in Business Inspiration
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Show Notes

When a woman takes the helm of a small business for the first time, she needs strength and tenacity to face the challenges of shifting into her new position of power and making necessary adjustments in personnel. Lora Dana, the owner of Country Club RV in Yuma, Arizona, is a strong female and a second cousin to another strong female – Amanda Benson-Tilch, host of The Ask Amanda Show. In this episode of the podcast, she talks with Amanda about the transition from co-owning the business with her husband to becoming sole owner when he passed away. She can attest to the need for a succession plan and offers advice and inspiration for women in male-dominated industries.  Meet the Expert: Lora Dana – Lady Boss Lora is the owner and president of Country Club RV located in Yuma, Arizona, a business she and her husband launched in 2013. The company’s motto is “Best people, best product, best place” and she works very hard to live up to that in every way. She has worked for a TV station and launched her own advertising business, but when her husband passed away, Lora shifted into a new role as sole owner of Country Club RV.  Amanda Benson-Tilch – Small Business Consulting While you may notice her first by her wit and second by her infectious sense of humor, the next thing you’ll learn about Amanda Benson-Tilch is: She’s a problem-solver. Owner and Growth Strategist of Ask Amanda Consulting, she offers the skills, tools, and network it takes to get the job done — no matter the task.
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