The Ask Amanda Show

How ChatGPT Can Help Your Business

March 25, 2023 Amanda Benson-Tilch Season 3 Episode 2
The Ask Amanda Show
How ChatGPT Can Help Your Business
Show Notes

The release of ChatGPT has opened up a new world in content creation using AI technology. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, everyone from an entrepreneur building a business can improve their marketing strategy and reach more customers. 
Alison Lindemann – Digital Marketing
After 17 years in the corporate management world, Alison joined WSI Internet Consulting in 2004. She has a strong business background including 17 years with Farmers Insurance as the Director of Service Operations as well as Director of Sales in their corporate office in Los Angeles.. Alison has expertise in both traditional and digital media, as well as strategic planning, competitor analysis, personal development, social media, customer experience, conversion optimization and search engine optimization.  She has co-authored two books with WSI entitled Digital Minds. She is the recipient of three Web Marketing Association Awards, and she speaks regularly on digital marketing best practices and strategies.
Amanda Benson is an entrepreneur and owner of Ask Amanda Consulting, a business consulting service she built out of the need to help business owners solve the problems they have as owners and operators.  Her mission in life is to make a difference and her motto is, if she can’t help you, she will connect you with someone who can.   Amanda is also currently the Managing Director of Burbank Fitness Club a gym located in the heart of the media district of Burbank, California.  She helped completely rebrand, renovate and rebuild the gym.  She is also the Director of Business Development for Thomas Realty Co., a property management company also located in California, where she is constantly looking for smart ways to grow their portfolio.
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