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The Importance of Mentorship

February 11, 2024 Amanda Benson-Tilch Season 4 Episode 4
The Ask Amanda Show
The Importance of Mentorship
Show Notes

Whether you’ve been on one side of the mentor-mentee relationship or consider yourself a veteran of both, you know how important it is to learn from others along the way and to pass on what you know. To discuss the many phases of the mentorship experience throughout your career, Amanda Benson-Tilch, host of The Ask Amanda Show, invited Sharlene Johnson of SJ Partners real estate firm into the studio. 

Meet the Experts 
Sharlene Johnson – Realtor at SJ Partners
Sharlene is a longtime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley and has been in the real estate industry for the past 8 years. Her passion lies with helping support the residents and shaping her local community.
Amanda Benson-Tilch - Business Consultant at Ask Amanda 
Amanda Benson is an entrepreneur and owner of Ask Amanda Consulting, a business consulting service she built out of the need to help business owners solve the problems they have as owners and operators.  Her mission in life is to make a difference and her motto is, if she can’t help you, she will connect you with someone who can. 

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