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Small Business Legal Advice

December 13, 2021 Amanda Benson-Tilch Season 2 Episode 3
The Ask Amanda Show
Small Business Legal Advice
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Show Notes

Navigating California business law is challenging, so Amanda Benson-Tilch, host of The Ask Amanda Show, invited attorney and partner Brian Koegle of Poole Shaffery & Koegle into the studio. His clear, concise explanations provide a roadmap for small business owners who are in the dark about regulations that could put them in jeopardy. He shares his expertise in hiring practices, proper termination, and the definition topics from how to hire, proper termination, and the definition of independent contractor. 
Meet the Experts:  Brian Koegle – Labor Law  An attorney and partner at Poole Shaffery & Koegle, Brian specializes in labor with a focus on employment law. Reach out to Brian by emailing or call him at 661-290-2991. Amanda Benson-Business Consultant/Coach  Amanda Benson is an entrepreneur and owner of Ask Amanda Consulting, a business consulting service she built out of the need to help business owners solve the problems they have as owners and operators.  Connect with Amanda here: Website: 

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