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16 Performance throughout pregnancy with Jenny Burrell
July 18, 2018 Nordic Fitness Education
In this episode Jenny Burrell champions the health and fitness needs of women throughout pregnancy and the post natal period, empowering them to move, live and enjoy life. Jenny Burrell is the head of Burrell Education, one of the UK's leading-edge educators in the field of modern Pregnancy, Post Baby, 3rd Age (Peri-to Post-Menopause) and Female Fitness, Wellness, Massage + Bodywork Therapies. Burrell Education the UK's only endorsed, accredited and licensed education provider dedicated to solely to these specific special population groups. Some of the topics discussed include: - Jenny's fascinating journey to becoming a fitness professional that specializes in female fitness and wellness - a breakthrough in modern, pregnancy-related fitness advice - the changes in fitness and functional needs across the 3 trimesters of pregnancy - how the core and pelvic floor muscles are integrated in their function - and many more tips and ideas for female health If you enjoy this episode, then please rate the show and share it with your friends so they can benefit from this free expert information. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the video on You Tube so you will receive each update immediately upon release.
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