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Calories, hormones and metabolism work together in weight loss - Episode 22 with Dr Jade Teta
October 19, 2018 Nordic Fitness Education

What is the best solution for weight loss? Calorie reduction? Speeding up metabolism? Or controlling hormones? Dr Jade Teta addresses all of these issues in this fascinating interview. He asserts that these 3 physiological factors actually work together in successful control of excess weight and body fat reduction. 

Dr Jade Teta is a highly experienced personal trainer of over 25 years. Jade has a degree in biochemistry, is a qualified naturopathic physician, and is also an expert in nutrition, exercise and supplementation. Jade describes his specialty as ‘integrative endocrinology.’ This is the study of hormones & metabolism. Jade’s career has centred on helping the most difficult metabolic cases to successfully lose weight.

Episode 22 covers a range of intriguing topics, including:
- The role of calories and metabolism in weight management
- What impact do hormones play in the body weight control?
- Is calorie reduction more important than insulin control in weight loss?
- The role of insulin (blood glucose) and cortisol (stress response) in the weight management battle
- The dual nature of oestrogen in fat burning and in fat storing
- How the female menstrual cycle alters female metabolism

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