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Modern diets, gluten sensitivity, and autoimmunity - Episode 23 with Dr Tom O'Bryan
November 05, 2018 Nordic Fitness Education
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Modern diets, gluten sensitivity, and autoimmunity - Episode 23 with Dr Tom O'Bryan

Have you ever experienced any kind of negative reaction following food intake? Do certain foods cause itchy mouth, sneezing, bloating, discomfort, gas, or bowel upset? Do you ever feel irritable, moodiness, fatigued, sudden drops in energy, or mental fogginess? All of these symptoms and more could be signs of a food sensitivity, especially to wheat, gluten, dairy or sugar. 

Episode 23 features world leading wheat/gluten  and autoimmunity expert, Dr Tom O'Bryan. Not only a well of knowledge on the subject, Dr Tom is also an excellent speaker and has a unique way of teaching this vital health information in memorable ways. Given a little freedom to roam during the interview, Dr Tom also drops in a few fascinating facts or 'truth bombs' on a few other important health topics such as fertility and brain health. 

During the interview you will learn about:

- the fascinating back story that lead Tom O'Bryan into the health space to become a functional medicine practitioner.
- the importance of zinc in fertility and how processed grains could interfere with absorption.
- how the body develops a sensitivity to wheat or gluten.
- the difference between Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
- Is eating a grain-free diet, such as the paleo diet, good for health? 
- Do grains need to be removed from the diet?
- Why are oats, that are technically gluten free, often labelled as an allergenic food?
- A review of Dr. Tom's latest and exciting book about improving brain health.

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