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Muscle, fascia and functional movement - Episode 24 with Ian O'Dwyer
November 14, 2018 Nordic Fitness Education

The turn of the millennium brought the world of functional training to the fitness industry, then in 2007-08 the elite PT's shifted focus to the role that fascia plays in movement control and function. Ian O'Dwyer was one of the leaders at the forefront of both of these changes within the fitness industry as he worked in conjunction with PT on the Net and PTA Global. 

This episode includes answers to:
- What motivated Ian to get involved in the functional fitness movement?
- What is an effective definition of functional training?
- What are the foundational principles that underpin functional training?
- What is fascia? Why is this tissue so important to human movement?
- What is vector variation?
- Why are rhythm and timing such important training parameters?

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