Season 3 Ep 1: Building a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

June 22, 2021 Terry Grubbs Sr. Season 3 Episode 1
Season 3 Ep 1: Building a Successful Digital Marketing Agency
Show Notes


Kaitlyn is the owner and creative director of South Street & Co. After two and a half years of marketing for a dermatologist and growing the practice to double the locations, she was inspired to help other local service-based businesses thrive.

Show Notes

With all the knowledge and success she acquired, Kaitlyn opened her marketing agency in March 2015. Since then, South Street & Co. has helped local businesses reach new heights with their marketing. 

Kaitlyn has been featured in podcasts talking about marketing and entrepreneurship, multiple publications sharing her expertise. She was a finalist for the DOP’s Golden Brick Award and often guest lectures at the University of Central Florida. 

The South Street & Co. team specializes in strategic SEO, blogging, social media, design work, and review creation campaigns to expand digital footprints and drive prospective actions. 

With over 200+ keywords ranking in the #1 position, features in the OBJ’s Book of Lists 4 years in a row, the OBJ’s Best Marketing Agency nominee, a Neon Swan Award Winner, 6th biggest social media marketing agency in Orlando, and over 83 five-star reviews on Google, 

South Street & Co. implements the same marketing strategies for themselves as they do for their clients.  

Both Kaitlyn’s business and her team are consistently growing to provide clients with personalized, creative, quality marketing that converts.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Programs You Need to Grow and Scale Your Agency Or Business
  • The 3 Things Start-Up Agencies Forget to Do
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How To Build A 6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency