Sensational Sunday's Season Finale: Unanswered Prayer

June 06, 2021 Terry Grubbs Sr. Season 2
Sensational Sunday's Season Finale: Unanswered Prayer
Show Notes


Reverend Brown is the author of Delicious Delights and the creator of a inspirational platform on Facebook and Twitter called Sunzra G Brown Ministries.


  • Rev. Brown received her BS in Computer Science, Savannah State University (Savannah, GA). MS in Counseling Psychology, Cameron University (Lawton, OK), and a MAT in Theological Studies, Liberty University, (Lynchburg, VA).
  • Rev. Brown and her husband have a beautiful daughter, Dominique. 
  • Reverend Brown was licensed on March 3, 1997, at Independence Missionary Baptist Church of Leavenworth, Kansas, by Pastor B.J. Landrum. Rev. Brown faithfully served in several churches in various leadership roles and ministries. Rev Brown joined Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, Miami, FL, on September 6, 2009, and received a third license to preach the gospel and was ordained November 11, 2018, by Pastor Theo Johnson. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Align yourself with God's will.
  • Consider your expectations of God.
  • Practice a childlike faith in God.

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