Season 3 Ep 3: Legal Tips for Startups & Entrepreneurs

July 20, 2021 Terry Grubbs Sr. Season 3 Episode 3
Season 3 Ep 3: Legal Tips for Startups & Entrepreneurs
Show Notes


Jay Razzouk is a California business attorney with over 10 years of experience litigating across 20 states involving legal compliance at Fortune 500 corporations.

Show Notes:

He is the founder of ProSCALE Legal™ Coaching and the SecureSCALE method. Jay now helps small business owners employ legal strategies and implement internal controls to SecurelySCALE their business to and beyond 7 figures.

During his years of litigation, Jay helped secure millions in corporate governance reforms, fought corporate corruption, overregulation, and/or the blatant disregard for human life at companies known to every household, and has witnessed the limitations of even the courts to settle complex matters appropriately.  

After experiencing a life-altering autoimmune condition and life-threatening complications of traditional treatment, he discovered that better health often comes through simpler remedies labeled “alternative,” giving him a greater desire to support practitioners who help people address the root cause through lifestyle and natural healing methods.

Guided by his faith in God, he advocates for the law of Love and supporting small business owners who want to leave a positive legacy and impact in our broken world.

He also serves as an adjunct professor at La Sierra University.

In this episode, we talked about,

·      How a Business Law Attorney Can Help.

·      What Is Business Law?

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