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The Case for Degrowth in Europe

September 13, 2021 Miljøorganisationen NOAH Episode 5
Jord i Hovedet
The Case for Degrowth in Europe
Show Notes

***English Episode***

For todays episode we talk to socio-environmental scientist, ecological economist and degrowth scholar at the Autonomous University of Barcelona: Federico Demaria. 
We talk about his new book, "The Case for Degrowth", which he co-authored with Giorgos Kallis, Susan Paulson and Giacomo D'Alisa. 

We talk about why there is a case to be made for degrowth in Europe right now, in the context of multiple ecological and social crises, the challenges and opportunities presented to degrowth proponents and how degrowth can be advanced through policies and civic engagement at the EU, national and communal level.  

If the interview intrigues you enough so that you'd like to buy the book, here is a link:

If you wish to learn more about degrowth scholars follow this link:

The episode was created, produced and edited by Emil Weis Brix and Aretí Viel, with music also by Emil Weis Brix. A special thanks to Federico Demaria for participating in the interview and thereby making the episode possible. 

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