Jord i Hovedet

Towards a Feminist and Degrowth Economy of Care

September 20, 2021 Miljøorganisationen NOAH Episode 6
Jord i Hovedet
Towards a Feminist and Degrowth Economy of Care
Show Notes

***English Episode***

For todays episode, we talked to prominent degrowth, political ecology and feminist scholar, Rebecca Rutt, from the University of Copenhagen. Rebecca explains the ways in which contemporary capitalism is "gendered", and how this devalues so-called "women's work", while at the same time finding inspiration in care work as a foundation for a degrowth society.

A big thanks to Rebecca for participating and making today's episode possible!

 Below are some very nice suggestions  from Rebecca for further readings:

Caring Democracy by Joan Tronto

Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care: In Search of Economic Alternatives, by C. Bauhardt and W. Harcourt (eds)

The Handbook of Diverse Economies by J.K. Gibson-Graham and Kelly Dombroski

 Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence by The Care Collective

The Future of Money: From Financial Crisis to Public Resource by Mary Mellor

 Link to FaDa:

The podcast was created, produced and edited by Emmeline Werner, music was written and recorded by Emil Brix and consultancy was provided by Ida Breddam.