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Delay Radio: Comedy,Funny News, Funny Stories (Fast-Ish)
Luarel or Yanny? Brainstorm...Green Needle. Pizza and Jagermeister Cough Syrup - Ep. 14.5 BONUS - Funny News Comedy
May 23, 2018 Delay Radio - Funny News and Comedy (Fast-Ish)

As it turns out, we almost talk as much off air as we do on the we decided to just record some of the conversation that happens between episodes. We're not responsible for our own actions..not on a bonus episode that is.

Hide yo kids and hide yo wife because we're getting our minds blown over this Laurel and Yanny argument. We discuss losing an entire days work over this whole mess...and a whole lot of food and pizza (including food we couldn't really figure out what it is).

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