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Delay Radio: Comedy,Funny News, Funny Stories (Fast-Ish)
Stormy Daniels Makes America Horny Again, Donald Trump's Naked Statue and Tiny Hands - Ep. 15.5 BONUS - Funny News Comedy
May 30, 2018 Delay Radio - Funny News and Comedy (Fast-Ish)

Often times we chat about comedic news topics 'off air' as much as we do for the full weekly podcast episodes. So we decided to leave the mics on before and after recording to see what happens.

In this bonus episode of Delay Radio Comedy News, we talk about Jethrow's topic of Stormy Daniels and how she is out touring the a unique way. It involves a statue in the likeness of someone we all know, Donald Trump. We also learned that someone threw a wallet at her..but the real question is whether or not she will run for President

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