(Episode 4) On the Road: A Chat with Friends at Rhineland Valley Lake in Missouri

March 01, 2022 Lisa Season 1 Episode 4
(Episode 4) On the Road: A Chat with Friends at Rhineland Valley Lake in Missouri
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Show Notes


This episode of Ski With Wade takes place not far from the Missouri site where Wade had his first-ever pro tour win ever, back in 1989, followed by another title just a few years later. It’s a sentimental journey that also has the feel of old home week, with a family reunion-style chat with old friends from the area. 


You’ll hear Wade’s check-in with the gang, and also get the scoop on Wake Effects by Big Thunder Marine. Whether you need additional water sports equipment, life jackets, cool swimsuits or a new boat, you can find this fantastic outfitter online or onsite at Missouri’s Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks.



·      A little bit about what’s up and who’s sponsoring the podcast.

·      How Terry Rogers came up with his vision for creating Rhineland Valley Lake.

·      Meet the rest of Terry’s gang and hear about memories on the lake.

·      Wade shares some anecdotes from his college days and beyond, as well as a little advice for young adults setting out in life.



“(Rhineland Valley Lake) is one of my favorite spots not only for the lake and hospitality but also for the food.”


“Terry wanted to create this environment for people not only to enjoy themselves but also to raise their kids.”


“I’ve learned it’s always the fault of the supply chain manager!”


“Taking on a water ski course (for a little kid) can seem like the insurmountable challenge, like the Mt. Everest of water skiing.” 


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Wade’s Bio:

Wade Cox’s legendary professional ski career includes multiple Pro titles and tours. Throughout the 1990’s he was on top as the HO Skis and Pro Tour poster boy. More recently he is spreading his waterski knowledge as a coach, via SkiWithWade tours and through his podcast, “Ski with Wade.”

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