(Episode 16): Lake Saranac, New York with Terrence Fogeman

January 26, 2022 Lisa Season 2 Episode 16
(Episode 16): Lake Saranac, New York with Terrence Fogeman
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Show Notes

This episode of Ski with Wade features Terence Fogarty, a pro-level water skier who wears many hats. Fogarty's Lake Flower Marina is home not only to great ski and wake surf offerings, but also the stellar H2OProShop – a watersports company started by water skiers, run by water skiers and made for water skiers. Enjoy a conversation that touches on everything from the benefits of cross-training between water and snow skiing to the groundbreaking hard-shell bindings that have taken ski tech up a notch. We also welcome to the chat an old friend, John Wilkins, who is a regular fixture in western New York each summer in addition to serving as an all-around Maître d’ the rest of the year at La Point Ski Park in Florida. Previous episodes of the Ski with Wade podcast are available here.



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Wade Cox’s legendary professional ski career includes multiple Pro titles and tours. Throughout the 1990’s he was on top as the HO Skis and Pro Tour poster boy. More recently he is spreading his waterski knowledge as a coach, via SkiWithWade tours and through his podcast, “Ski with Wade.”

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