The Tefilah Podcast

Tehilim 116 (Ahavti) Part 2

March 16, 2021 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss
The Tefilah Podcast
Tehilim 116 (Ahavti) Part 2
Show Notes

In tonight's Tehilim shiur (3/16/20 at YBT) we continued our analysis of the 4th perek of Hallel. We started with a review of the pivot point and all the key comments of the Radak. We supplemented this with some excerpts from the Meiri, and then we discussed a possible approach to the main idea of the perek in light of the three perakim before it. We intend to refine this idea next time, but even if we don't, we at least have an approach to the main idea.

If you missed Part 1, here's the link:
תהלים קטז עם פירוש הרד"ק והמאירי
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Lastly, here's an article I wrote entitled How to Say Tehilim for the Sick Without Violating Halacha.
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