End the Silence - Stories of Nurses

End the Silence - Guest Katrina Stephenson

April 15, 2021 Sandra Payne RN BN Season 1 Episode 5
End the Silence - Stories of Nurses
End the Silence - Guest Katrina Stephenson
Show Notes

Katrina Stephenson is an RN in Alberta Canada.  She has dedicated her nursing career to working within a harm reduction model of care and primarily marginalized individuals with histories of trauma and challenged by concurrent disorders.

Katrina's work began to mirror her own experience when she developed symptoms of work related PTSD.  After recognizing her struggle was getting worse and trying to get the support she needed she wrote an article for her union magazine that was published. 

Read Katrina's Article here

After her article was published Katrina received an outpouring of support and also nurses who reached out to her to tell her that they were so grateful for her sharing her story because they had thought they were alone in what they experienced.  This sparked the founding of the Nurse 2 Nurse Peer Support Group.  Katrina shares the belief that allowing others to share  their story is powerfully transformational for the negative climate surrounding many health conditions in nurses.

Katrina believes it is essential for us as health care providers at all levels to be trauma informed and to understand and care for people with mental health and substance use challenges in such a way that reduces stigma and discrimination.  And to support this she and other nurses have collaborated to develop the trauma informed, non-judgmental peer support group for nurses to prevent, mitigate, and support nurses who are experiencing mental health and occupational stress injuries.

Join the Nurse 2 Nurse Peer Support Group   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1691448007684481/
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Katrina and I also touched on the subject of bullying in the nursing profession which of course is a whole conversation of it's own but I mentioned a project running through the UNBC that I invite everyone to read through.  It will offer a perspective through the lens of both the bully and the bullied because we need to find compassion for both.  Abused people abuse people, and nurses in this profession are often terribly abused.

UNBC Bullying in the Nursing Project

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