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Episode #148: Joe Fang — Optimum Health for Maximum Returns

April 28, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 148
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #148: Joe Fang — Optimum Health for Maximum Returns
Show Notes

Health plays such a big role in productivity, making good decisions, and basically being at your best. Joining us today to talk about why optimum health is so important for maximum returns (even in real estate) is Joe Fang, the director of investor relations at Break of Day Capital. Tuning in you’ll hear about what inspired Joe’s health kick and why he believes so strongly that health and wealth are in synergy, before he breaks down his three most important factors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We talk about the circadian rhythm, time-restricted eating, and being physically active, as well as the value of alternative doctors and restricting your exposure to blue light. Tune in to find out what you could implement today to improve your health, your wealth, and your life!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s topic: optimum health for maximum returns in real estate.
  • An introduction to today’s guest Joe Fang and what inspired his health kick. 
  • How health and wealth are in synergy. 
  • How passive investments and syndication helped Joe explore the world of healthy living. 
  • Three things that the average person could do to change their life for the better, starting with being mindful of your circadian rhythm. 
  • The benefits of time-restricted eating. 
  • What it means to be physically active.
  • Resources to help you manage blue light. 
  • The value of alternative doctors.
  • Why exercising more and eating less doesn’t always work. 
  • Where to find more information on the principles discussed in this episode. 

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