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Episode #152: Litan Yahav — Finding Diamond-in-the-Rough Operators

May 26, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 152
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #152: Litan Yahav — Finding Diamond-in-the-Rough Operators
Show Notes

In passive real estate investing, the right operator is vital. Joining us to discuss how to find diamond-in-the-rough operators, is Litan Yahav, a Navy veteran and tech founder, who exited his last startup eight years ago and became a full-time alternative investor. With experience in private equity, real estate, startups, and crypto, Litan built Vyzer, a startup focused on automating the management and control of alternative investments for generating wealth and passive income. Throughout the discussion, Litan talks about his journey in real estate investing, the software he developed in the diamond jewelry industry, and his preference for investing in syndications. He also sheds light on the spectrum of passiveness in real estate investments, the red flags to look out for when choosing an operator, and his predictions for the economy and investment landscape. Tune in today to find out more about the importance of investing with people you can trust and how to find them.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Litan Yahav, and how he came to invest in real estate.
  • The software he built while working in the diamond jewelry industry. 
  • How Litan got involved in investing in real estate and syndications.
  • The spectrum of passiveness in real estate investing.
  • Why he only invests in syndications. 
  • What Litan’s favorite type of operator looks like. 
  • Examples of major red flags when choosing an operator and the types of questions he asks. 
  • Litan’s predictions for the economy and investment landscape, and where he’ll be looking for opportunities. 
  • What Litan would do if he had $100,000 to invest right now. 
  • How he came up with the idea for Vyzer and what it does.
  • Find out about Litan’s favorite podcast, book, and documentary. 
  • His advice to his younger self about stress. 
  • The one question he feels he should have been asked by Joe about his values. 

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