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Episode #155: Powell Chee - Pivoting to Self-Storage

June 16, 2023 Gary Lipsky Episode 155
Real Estate Investor Podcast
Episode #155: Powell Chee - Pivoting to Self-Storage
Show Notes

When Powell Chee entered the real estate space, nobody could have predicted the imminent pandemic. But, far from letting this world-altering event derail his aspirations, Powell made it work for him by pivoting to self-storage! Today, Powell is the Managing Partner at Radiant Storage and a Principal at Multifamily Masters. In this episode, he shares an overview of his journey from athletics coaching to sales to real estate, how he has successfully scaled his self-storage business over the past two and a half years to the point where he has over 500 units covering 65000 square feet, what he looks for when purchasing a self-storage property (with the intention of adding value once he has purchased it), and a breakdown of the deal he recently closed in Texas after a full year of hard work! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Powell Chee. 
  • The journey that led Powell into multifamily real estate.
  • Why Powell decided to enter the self-storage space. 
  • Similarities and differences between multifamily and self-storage.
  • The average expense ratio for multifamily in comparison to self-storage. 
  • Criteria that Powell looks for when purchasing self-storage units. 
  • Powell explains how he adds value to the self-storage properties he purchases.
  • How Powell’s success in scaling his business highlights the power of networking. 
  • Powell walks us through a deal he recently closed in Beaumont, Texas after a year of work. 
  • Questions that Powell recommends asking lenders before entering into a deal with them. 

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